Following the recent Fortis consultation over the proposed building of approximately 45 houses on the Stoney Stile site (adjacent to Middleton Crescent, featured in the diagram below), approximately 40 local residents from the Hawthorn Field Action Group met on the evening Monday, July 22nd to determine a way ahead to challenge the development of this area.

Concerns were raised over the potential loss of this highly-used green space which lies next to an area of outstanding natural beauty. A major cause of safety concern centred on the increased traffic in the already congested area near Ashfield Park Primary School.

The group discussed its strategy for challenging the development of the site in light of the forthcoming ratification of the Neighbourhood Development Plan and the anticipated submission of a planning proposal by Fortis.

The group is rapidly gaining momentum and welcomes any additional town residents who wish to fight the loss of this much-loved green space.

Please contact Angela Palmer with your contact details if you wish to participate in this action. Email [email protected].See this week’s paper for more stories like this, available in shops and as a Digital Edition now.