A planning permission application to develop a site on Overross Street in Ross-on-Wye has been submitted to Herefordshire Council. The application proposed the use of the Overross Garage be changed from the hand car wash, to a Class A1 convenience store; which would be a small Co-op.

At the meeting of the planning committee for Ross Town Council, which was held on Monday, November 23rd, Chris Towers, from Mercian Developments, and John Hillman, from the Co-op also attended the meeting, to discuss the application with Ross Town Councillors. They explained that they were there to answer any questions the Councillors had about the proposed development.

They explained that the store would serve the purpose of a small convenience store, for people to do a little top-up shopping. There would be pedestrian access, as well as 15 parking spaces, including one disabled space.

The application proposes that the current premises would be refurbished, a new extension would be built, an ATM would be installed, and alterations would be carried out to the site access and car park. At present, there are two entrances to the site, but this would be reduced to a single entrance point.

When speaking about the delivery, the developers have liaised with a local Highways officer. A delivery driver, professionally qualified and assessed regularly would drive a 10m, 18 ton vehicle, with audible reversing sirens, as they would have to reverse in to the site.

When asked if deliveries would be one a day, or more, Mr Hillman responded it was negotiable; they could deliver several times a day, which would take a shorter period of time on site. It was added that these deliveries would not be during busy times of day, such as when the schools finish for the day.

When asked if there were plans to incorporate a pedestrian crossing near the site, it was admitted that this has not been planned. The Councillors, spoke about asking Herefordshire Council to put one of these in.

When asked what would happen to the current users of the site; a hand car wash, the speakers were not sure; they explained they would be given notice to move by Tescos, the current site owners. They added they were sure the car wash owners would find somewhere else to operate the car wash from.

Cllr David Ravenscroft pointed out that there are ongoing issues with speeding traffic along that stretch of road. “Anything that would slow it down would be an advantage,” he said.

The planning committee resolved that they had no objections to the development, but Cllr Utting said she would like to ask Herefordshire County Council to look at the feasibility of putting in a pedestrian crossing near to the site.

On the Ross Gazette’s Facebook page, the application has created quite a mixed response with readers. Some spoke positively about the application. Rob Morgan wrote: “Good. Ross needs another C-store. Of course one with a petrol station would be even better.”

However, some thought a convenience store was not necessary in the area. Alison Carol Feist commented: “What a silly idea, got Morrisons and Aldi next door.”