Dear Editor

Can anyone tell me why I've had such difficulty in getting two of our great political parties to answer a short letter which was sent out three weeks before polling day?

Three days before polling day there were no replies, so I attempted to communicate with them by phone. One party said my letter was not received (lost) and that there were only two people in the office. Next I was told that I would get a call from the candidate that day, May 6th, one day before voting. Needless to say I did not receive any telephone call.

The other party made the excuse that they had over 1000 queries to handle.

Why is it that we are bombarded with promises/bribes during the whole election campaign and yet replying to correspondence seems to be an enormous task?

Some of us are not able to attend public meetings or even receive personal visits from the candidate. Also some folk are not happy about using new technology or social media.

As for me it's true I'm no spring chicken, my knees have started to knock and perhaps I've got too many miles on the clock. But I'm still a VOTER! Is anyone listening?

Gordon Amand Ross-on-Wye