In a twist of political tides, the Forest of Dean District Council (FoDDC) elections concluded with no clear victor claiming the majority. Yet, the real story unfolded as the Green Party surfaced with the most significant gains.

The local council contest saw all 38 seats up for grabs, turning the political landscape into a bustling arena. The Green Party emerged as a formidable force, securing 15 council seats, an increase of eight from their previous count, marking a notable stride in their political journey.

Labour, not far behind, clinched five seats, marking a gain of two. However, the Progressive Independents Group, currently leading in Coleford, and Conservatives, found themselves on the losing side. The former retained four seats after a loss of three, while the latter also held four, dropping two from their previous tally. Independents, too, felt the pinch, holding onto three seats after shedding six.

Prior to the elections, the council composition consisted of seven Progressive Independents, seven Greens, six Conservatives, six Independents, four Independent Alliance councillors, three Labour members, two Liberal Democrats, and two councillors from Independent Group 2. The Progressive Independents, in coalition with the Greens until last autumn, were running a minority administration.