Ross Town Council deputy mayor Bev Pope has implored the council to prioritise council spending on the cost of living crisis.

Mayor Ed O’Driscoll said: “It’s come to my attention that we have a lot of applications that come to the next CMT (Communities Markets and Tourism Sub Committee) and we could well be at capacity for our grants.”

Cllr Pope said: “If there is an over-subscription of the grants to help the warm spaces scheme, would there be more money in the pot?”

She added: “Of all the things we spend out money on, this winter, that’s probably one of the most important, in many ways to protect very vulnerable people.”

Management committee would be able to decide if more money can be put towards cost-of-living projects such as the warm rooms initiative.

Cllr Utting said: “I can certainly understand that, the Community Development Trust (CDT) have got are trying to coordinate activities in and around Ross, setting up funding so that there’s not the need to keep coming to the town council for support.”

Cllr Rob Taylor added that a sum of money had been granted to a local organisation which will allow them to provide Ukrainian refugees with transport to Hereford, or hospitals urgently for important issues.