Ross residents are being encourage to register to vote in preparation for the local elections which are happening in Ross—for the town council—and Herefordshire—for the county council, in May later this year.

Those who wish to vote will need to be registered to vote before you they vote in UK elections or referendums. From May 4, 2023 voters will need to show photo ID when voting in person in some elections and referendums. You can check what types of ID are accepted before you go to vote.

You can vote: in person at a polling station, as well as by post, or voting by proxy. You cannot vote online in any elections.

You can vote when you’re: 18 years old in England, however this differs for elections in other parts of the country.

Voter registration can be done online at where this also all the other information that might be needed regarding eligibility and which types of photo ID are accepted at polling stations.