Jesse Norman, Minister of State for the Department for Transport (DfT) as well as Ross-on-Wye's MP, has shed light on the department's policy concerning Civil Servants working from home and their entitlement to the London Weighting Allowance. The clarification comes in response to an inquiry posed by Julian Knight, Conservative MP for Solihull.

Mr Norman explained that the majority of DfT employees have adopted a hybrid working model, offering them the flexibility to choose their work location. According to the department's guidelines, these employees are expected to spend at least 40% of their working hours at their primary workplace.

He further elaborated that employees who have their principal workplace within the M25, as specified in their contracts, or those whose work involves multiple sites but predominantly within the M25, are eligible for London pay.

However, Mr Norman emphasised that all DfT employees, provided they meet the necessary criteria, have the statutory right to request a flexible working arrangement. This includes the option to designate their home as their main workplace, known as contractual homeworking. If such an arrangement is approved, these employees will receive national pay, irrespective of their home's location. All requests for flexible working will be assessed by Line Managers in accordance with the department's flexible working policy, considering both operational needs and the relevant legislation.