Hereford and South Herefordshire MP Jesse Norman takes on a new role and responsibilities as new Prime Minister Liz Truss builds the new government.

Mr Norman will serve under James Cleverly MP, who was recently appointed as secretary for the Foreign, Commonwealth, and Development Office (FCDO). Mr Norman tweeted that he was “honoured and delighted” at the appointment.

He served as Financial Secretary to the Treasury from 2019 to 2021 and has served as MP since the general election in 2010. In November 2019, he was appointed as a member of the Privy Council.

Jesse Norman was a director of Barclays before leaving the City in 1997 to research and teach at University College London. Prior to that, he ran an educational charity in Eastern Europe.

Norman was sacked from Downing Street’s Policy Board after rebelling against the government, by opposing military intervention in Syria.

Prior to the nomination of Jean-Claude Juncker as president of the European Commission, Norman gave his support behind then prime minister David Cameron’s opposition.

He argued that the EU constitution requires elected heads to choose its president and asserted that democracy, for the British, involves legitimacy derived from the ballot box, rather than centralised bureaucracy. Mr Norman chose not to reveal publicly how he voted over Brexit in the 2016 referendum.

The Foreign, Commonwealth, and Development Office “unite development and diplomacy in one new department”. Their mission statement is to bring together the best of Britain’s international effort and demonstrates the UK, acting as a force for good in the world.

The office is viewed as an equivalent to other countries’ ministries of foreign affairs; it was created on September 2, 2020 through the merger of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and the Department for International Development.

The FCO was created in 1968 by the merger of the Foreign Office and the Commonwealth Office, and was responsible for protecting and promoting British interests worldwide.

Ms Truss has also appointed Newark MP Robert Jenrick, who has a country home at Eye, near Leominster, as minister at the Department for Health and Social Care.

Mr Jenrick previously served in Boris Johnson’s Cabinet as the secretary for Housing, Communities and Local Government.