North Ward’s newest councillor was announced this week. Linden Delves was selected by co-option in a vibrant selection process as one of four candidates who were nominated for the role.

The role is a relative short-term one, lasting only until the local elections next year, where they’ll have to make their case to the general public, should they wish to stay in their role.

In his speech now Cllr Delves said that he believes he can demonstrate the important qualities of being a councillor: dedicated, compassionate, considerate, and supportive. A father of two young children, Cllr Delves manages a small team of software developers, a field he describes as technical and high-skilled.

The candidate was selected using the alternative vote system, with several rounds of voting. Whilst Cllr Delves did not win an overall majority of votes in the first round of voting, he claimed the required nine votes to win the selection process.