Ross Town Councillor Daniel Lister has announced that he will be reaching out to his constituents in the Ross North council ward through a series of online videos.

In his first video, Councillor Lister expressed his desire to connect more with the community and to help people better understand the work of the council.

He noted that the upcoming May elections for the Town Council and Herefordshire would provide an opportunity for residents to get involved in the council and to have their say in the future of the town. However, he acknowledged that some people may not know how to get involved or may be intimidated by the process.

To address this, Councillor Lister encouraged those who are interested in becoming a councillor to get in touch with him, regardless of their level of experience or skill in reading and writing. He provided a link to the Herefordshire Council website, where residents could find all the information they need to become a councillor.

Councillor Lister said that he is always available to answer any questions or provide assistance to those who are interested in getting involved. He hopes that his videos will help to connect more people with the council and make it more accessible to all.

Videos can be viewed via his Instagram account (@cllrdaniellister) and on YouTube (@CllrDanielLister).

This year’s local elections take place Thursday, May 4, where voters will have the chance to elect new members for all 53 district wards and 133 parish or town councils across the county. This is also the first election that requires voter ID.