MP for North Herefordshire, Sir Bill Wiggin, has voiced his full support for the prime minister's priority to stop the boats, during a session of the House of Commons. Speaking to Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, Mr Wiggin asked if the small boats bill could be brought in next week.

In response, the Prime Minister expressed his gratitude to Mr Wiggin for his support and echoed the same sentiment. Both the Prime Minister and Mr Wiggin are keen to see an end to the boats arriving illegally in the UK.

The Prime Minister went on to reassure the House that he and the Home Secretary are working intensely and as quickly as possible to bring forward the necessary legislation. The aim is to ensure that those who arrive in the UK illegally will not be allowed to stay.

The issue of illegal immigration has been a long-standing concern for the UK, with many arriving in the UK on small boats, crossing the Channel from France. The government has faced increasing pressure to tackle the problem, with concerns raised about the safety of those making the treacherous journey across the English Channel, as well as the impact on communities and the UK's immigration system.

The small boats bill is expected to be a key part of the government's efforts to tackle the issue, with measures to increase penalties for those who facilitate illegal immigration, improve border security and make it easier to remove those who have arrived illegally.

The Prime Minister's assurance that the Home Secretary and he are working intensely to bring forward the legislation will be welcomed by those who are keen to see progress on this issue. The exact timing of the bill's introduction is yet to be confirmed, but it is clear that the government is taking action to tackle illegal immigration and stop the boats.