MP Jesse Norman has been urged to call for Boris Johnson’s resignation, instead of excusing the PM’s ‘failures of leadership’.

Hereford and south Herefordshire Labour Party says “honesty and trust” is at issue and the local Tory MP should take action.

A Labour branch spokesperson said: “Let’s get one thing sorted from the outset; this is not about cake or the parties, it’s all about the lying.

“Whilst the lockdown ‘rules’ were harsh, they were the rules that Boris himself set out and which the vast majority of the British public followed.

“Jesse did write how he shared our ‘anger’ but our anger is also fuelled by scandal and sleaze, by a cost of living crisis that far too many on the Conservative benches never really grasp.

“Yet again this reveals how it is ‘one rule for us, another rule for them’.

“There’s enough division and inequality already across this country. We thought on the matter of honesty and trust we could find some common ground; obviously not.”

The county’s Green Party has also called on the local MPs to take action over Partygate.