[UPDATE] Councillor Jennings has now posted on her Facebook page that she has decided not to resign from the Town Council. She said that after she spoke to the Chairman of the Town Council, the Mayor of Ross-on-Wye, Cllr David Ravenscroft, she reconsidered her position. ---A Ross Town Councillor announced on Monday night (July 25th) that she had tendered her resignation, to a role which she said she had "loathed."

On a Facebook post, Joanna Jennings wrote that she was resigning from the Town Council. She said: “I apologize to those who feel let down, but wish to reassure them that I will still be litter picking.

“I have loathed nearly every moment of this experience and am glad that, despite requests to stay, I am finally finding it in me to go.”

Ms Jennings added that a big factor of her decision had stemmed from the fact that by acting as a Councillor, she did not have as much time to spend with her family. She wrote: “My little girl won’t be little forever and I don’t want to waste any more of my time. I would just like to be left alone with my family now, please.”The Town Clerk told the Gazette she is aware of Ms Jennings' intention to resign and has advised her to submit a written letter of resignation to the Chairman of the Town Council, the Mayor Cllr David Ravenscroft.