Herefordshire Council is reaching out to households across the county, urging them to confirm their voter registration details.

Annually, as mandated by law, a canvass is conducted of all properties in Herefordshire. The primary objective is to ascertain the accuracy of the electoral register. The council is actively contacting every household to verify if the correct individuals are registered to vote and to gather updates on any changes.

To streamline this process, electoral registration data is cross-referenced with the Department for Work and Pensions data. If a match is found, households might not need to respond. However, in the coming weeks, these matched households will receive a letter. This correspondence will seek confirmation on the accuracy of the electoral register information for the property. A response will be necessary if:

  • The letter contains incorrect details.
  • Eligible voters are not mentioned in the letter.

However, if the information is accurate, residents need not respond. In cases where changes are required, residents are advised to adhere to the instructions provided in the letter.

For further details or queries, individuals can reach out to Herefordshire Council’s Communications Team at [email protected] or contact the Electoral Commission press office.