NEW Prime Minister Rishi Sunak “will have his work cut out”, and “must do all he can to ensure that the Government protects the most vulnerable while creating the opportunity for growth and future prosperity”, says a local MP.

Sir Bill Wiggin, whose North Herefordshire constituency includes Upton Bishop, where he lives, said: “The cost of mortgages, fuel and inflation all have a massive impact on people living in Herefordshire; strong and prudent leadership as well as clear communication is essential, and Rishi Sunak will provide that.”

Mr Wiggin backed Liz Truss in the summer leadership challenge when she beat Mr sunak in the final run-off, only for her premiership to implode in just seven weeks amid a disastrous mini-budget.

The MP added after the new PM was announced : “We also want to see support for the Ukrainians who are still fighting, fearful of the atrocities being committed against their fellow countrymen and women.”

Describing Mr Sunak as “highly intelligent, charming and hard-working”, Sir Bill said: “I support him and would like to see the unity behind him that the whole nation needs.

“I hope that when he succeeds, he will get the credit he deserves too.”

Mr Sunak was appointed PM a week last Monday after ex-PM Boris Johnson pulled out of the race, followed by the last remaining contender Penny Mordaunt, automatically making him Conservative Party leader.

Hereford and South Herefordshire MP Jesse Norman called Mr Sunak’s appointment “an extraordinary moment, in substance and timing”, in response to a tweet by LBC reporter Sangita Myska saying: “A Person of Colour becoming Prime Minister would be an historic moment. Just acknowledge that.”

He was moved from the Forieign Office to the Transport department by Mr Sunak last week, where he will be No 2 to neighbouring Forest MP Mark Harper, who returned to the Cabinet as Transport Secretary after six years in the back benches.

Hereford and South Herefordshire Labour Party tweeted about Mr Sunak’s selection as PM: “Let’s not forget – #AllToryMPsAreTainted & so is #RishiSunakPM for this #EconomicCrisis we will face & yet he’ll be fine!”