A £10,000 fundraising campaign has been launched to upgrade a town skate park and add a multi-use sports area for the likes of football, basketball, hockey and netball.

Marc Russell has launched the WILTONpark gofundme appeal, which is backed by the likes of Ross-on-Wye town councillor and former mayor Daniel Lister and South Herefordshire MP Jesse Norman, with the aim of boosting facilities for the younger generation.

He said: “Our children are important to the town and have often been overlooked in the past. We need to give a light and a positive future for all and to inspire the next generation.

“We have a vision for the redevelopment of the skate park in Ross-on-Wye, which is past its best and no longer fit for purpose.

“The redevelopment of the park will be a catalyst for further regeneration in this neglected part of the town.

“The vision is for a modern concrete skate park alongside a Multi-use Sports Area (MUGA).

“A MUGA can accommodate a variety of sports – including football, basketball, hockey and netball, to name but a few. It can also host local community groups too.

“Wilton Park is perfectly situated and is close to other sporting organisations within the town – football, rugby, petanqe, tennis, rowing, and parkrun. And the park can become a sporting destination for the many.

“Not everyone wants to play organised team sports and many cannot afford to either. A skate park and MUGA will be free to use and fully inclusive. A real community project.

“We need to build WILTONpark. The time is now. Let’s build it and they will come.”

Other supporters of upgrading the skate park include current mayor Louis Stark, last year’s mayor Ed O’Driscoll and Dr Sion Gibby, Clinical Director for the South and West Primary Care Network (PCN).


Dr Gibby said: “As Clinical Director for the SWPCN, I have the opportunity to provide oversight for the health needs of the residents of Ross-on-Wye, and the surrounding areas.

“What is increasingly evident, is that any opportunity to maximise both the physical and mental health of the local population has to be embraced.

“Providing a wide array of options for both children and adults to participate in sports has to be encouraged.

“A basketball (MUGA) court in Ross-on-Wye, would I’m sure be a great opportunity to introduce a new way of keeping fit and healthy for the area.

“I wholeheartedly support this initiative and please keep me updated with this proposal and how I can help in any way. A great idea!”

Daniel Lister posted about the appeal: “It’s great to see such passion and community engagement for Wilton Park, a project for a new skate park and MUGA ( multi use games area ) at the current site…

“Projects like these thrive off the passion and support from the community and can make things happen.

Massive thanks to Mousey (Marc Russell) for pushing so hard to make this happen, with your drive only good things can happen.

“If you would like to see a redeveloped area at the skate park and something for not only the youth of the town but all to enjoy, please do like, follow and support the Wilton park movement.

Let’s show the powers that be that Ross-on-Wye not only wants this but needs it.

“Awsome work and thank you to the current team behind Wilton Park.”

For more information, see the ‘Wilton Park’ Facebook group, which can be readily accessed via searching on the Ross On Wye Notice Board public Facebook group and has already accumulated more than 500 followers.