The cost-of-living crisis has sparked an urgent plea from the Greyhound Trust, as they race against time to find loving homes for retired racing greyhounds. The charity, which has been instrumental in ensuring retired greyhounds have a life after racing, is struggling to fundraise amidst the crisis, and needs more support than ever.

Established in 1975, the Greyhound Trust is the only national charity dedicated to homing retired racing greyhounds, with thousands of dogs leaving the sport every year. Operating from 55 sites across the UK, the Trust has homed over 100,000 greyhounds throughout its 45-year history.

However, the cost-of-living crisis is presenting unprecedented challenges for the charity, as it battles to support its volunteer army of 'greyhound home-finders'. While the Trust has helped home greyhounds to famous individuals, including J.K. Rowling and Russell Watson, it often struggles to gain mainstream media attention and celebrity endorsement.

Desperate to secure alternative donations to cover the funds typically raised through donations, the Greyhound Trust is urging Ross-on-Wye residents to consider fostering or homing a loving greyhound. With any level of donation making a difference, even a small contribution can help provide a better life for these gentle dogs.

If you are interested in fostering or homing a greyhound or wish to donate, visit to find out more about how you can help make a difference for these deserving animals.