Hammered coins, a bronze age axe and chisel and silver Roman denarius were amongst the treasures found during the latest raid from Herefordshire group the Berserker Searchers.

Over 30 “Berserkers” attended last Sunday’s event (June 26), scouring the countryside for any and all historical artefacts. Seventy acres of pasture, situated on a St Margaret’s farm in Herefordshire, were combed, uncovering items several millennia old.

Although the day started off a little slow for them, over the course of the search, new finds kept popping up more the members worked the land.

The raiding party finished with around eight hammered coins; a bronze age axe and chisel, from around 3,500 BC; silver Roman denarius; buckles, and several other bits of silvers. The day was considered a success by those on the raid. Pictures of the uncovered items, which span the past 3-4000 years were shared on social media.

Those thinking they might have some undiscovered history on their land, and would like the Berserkers to take a look, are invited to get in touch with Berserker Cotty on Facebook. Those wishing to join the raids are welcome to join the Berserker Searcher’s Facebook group.

The group was started a year ago and have been holding events, also known as raids, every week on farms throughout Herefordshire. They’re a professional, metal detecting organisation, whose aim is to unearth lost artefacts and coins from throughout history. Berserkers work with a number of charities and are currently working with Hereford veterans; they raised £350 for them on last week’s dig. They also like to involve the community and invite as many local people as they can to join in the raids.

The group acquired the name Berserker Searchers in honour of their love for the Viking era. Berserker Cotty has been passionate about history since they were a young child and have been a keen metal detector for a number of years.

Berserker Cotty told the Gazette: “I have a great admin team that help me run the group and the day events and my number two man Mikey Hayes.”

Arrangement are made between finders and landowners if the find on a Berserker event is worth over £1,000 and doesn’t come under the treasure trove.