Herefordshire Council recently announced their plans to resurface a number of roads this spring, including several in Ross-on-Wye. The project, in collaboration with Balfour Beatty Living Places, aims to improve and maintain the county’s highway network. However, local residents have taken to the Ross Gazette’s Facebook page to express their concerns over some roads they feel have been overlooked.

The council’s initiative will cover 21 road resurfacing schemes, prioritising roads that will benefit the most from resurfacing before they deteriorate further and require more expensive repairs. Among the roads slated for resurfacing in Ross-on-Wye are Woodland View, Kyrle Street, Ryefield Road, and Duxmere Drive.

Although many residents are pleased with the announcement, others have voiced their concerns about roads they believe should also be included in the resurfacing plans. Several comments specifically mentioned Walford Road, with residents like Paul William Hayward, Rachel Gillett, and Lucy Clarke-Bolton questioning why it has not been included in the list.

Anne Rivett highlighted that only the top half of Greytree was resurfaced, leaving the bottom half still in need of attention. Lucy Clarke-Bolton also pointed out the poor condition of Ledbury Road, while Caroline Hopkins mentioned Sussex Avenue, Alton Road, Archenfield Road, and Cantilupe Road as additional roads requiring maintenance.

A number of residents have called for greater transparency regarding the council’s prioritisation of busier roads. Caroline Hopkins urged local councillors to comment on the matter and provide insight into the council’s decision-making process.