56 finished cattle, 5 bulls, 21 cull cows, 700 lambs, 274 cull ewes and rams, another strong cattle and cull cow trade, short lamb entry selling to an outstanding trade


  • Top pence per kilo 268p
  • Top price per head £1971


  • Top pence per kilo 269p
  • Top price per head £1747


  • Top pence per kilo 222p
  • Top price per head £1232

Cull Cows & Overage

  • Top pence per kilo 215p
  • Top price per head £1704


  • Top pence per kilo 272
  • Top price per head £150

Cull Ewes & Rams

  • Top pence per kilo average £77.23
  • Top price per head £135

Finished Cattle

56 sale 10.30am, auctioneer: William Probert

A slightly reduced entry of cattle met another strong trade. No real superstars forward but heavier sorts peaked at £1971. Trade remands firm with numbers generally short. 8 buyers in attendance ensuring strong bidding on all classes of cattle.

Finished Lambs

990 sale 9am, auctioneer: William Probert

A shorter entry of lambs met a blistering trade peaking at £150 – 272ppk.

An entry of well meated lambs met a very quick trade with more required to meet demand from buying contingent.

Generally, export quality medium weights were seen to trade between 250 – 272ppk.

Heavy weights saw a step up in trade seeing 50kg+ trading from £140-£150.

Christmas Fat Stock Show

  • Thursday, November 10: 180 Store Cattle, Suckler Cows & Calves. Sale at 11.15am.
  • Thursday, November 17: Online & Live Furniture Sale. Sale at 10.00am.
  • Thursday, November 24: Store Cattle . Sale at 11.15am. Entries for catalogue to be received by the November 17.
  • Monday, November 28: Christmas Fat Stock Show.
  • Friday, December 2: Farm Sale. J P Price at Day House Farm, Kingsland, Leominster.
  • Thursday, December 8: Store Cattle. Sale at 11.15am. Entries for catalogue to be received by the December 1.

Christmas period market days

  • Monday December 19: Fat Stock as normal
  • Monday December 16: No Market
  • Monday January 2: Fat Stock as normal

Christmas Fat Stock Show: Monday, November 28


  • Class 1: Best Steer
  • Class 2: Best Steer over 650kg
  • Class 3: Best Heifer
  • Class 4: Best Beast from Small Holder (under 100acres)
  • Class 5: Best Bull
  • Class 6: Best Pen of Unled Cattle
  • Class 7: Best Cull Cow
  • Class 8: Champion Beast in Show
  • Class 9: Reserve Champion Beast in Show


  • Class 10: Best Five Lambs below 39.5kg liveweight
  • Class 11: Best Five Lambs above 39.5kg liveweight
  • Class 12: Best Pen of Four or more Cull Ewes
  • Class 13: Champion Pen of Five Lambs

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