John Butterworth MBE delivers a must-see talk on the transformative role of stagecoaches in our area, following on from previous captivating presentations on local transport history. The Larruperz Centre in Ross-on-Wye continues to be a hub of intriguing talks, with doors opening at 7 pm for a 7:30 pm start.

Earlier this year, the stage was graced by Heather Hurley, who delved into the "Horse drawn Tramways of the Wye Valley", a topic on which she has also written a book. Last month, Dick Skeet gave an insightful presentation on the "Gloucester to Hereford Canal and Recent Activities Thereon", drawing significant interest from attendees.

John Butterworth MBE is set to take the podium this Wednesday, October 11th, with a focus on "How the Stagecoach Transformed our Area". This promises to be an enlightening experience for all who are interested in the intricate history of local transportation.

Looking ahead to November 8th, Captain John Harbord will offer attendees a rare glimpse into the life of piloting colossal container ships across the world's oceans for Maersk. It's a chance to hear firsthand experiences that promise to be as vast as the seas he navigates.

The Larruperz Centre hosts all regular meetings, and its bar is open for those who wish to enjoy a drink. Visitors are always welcome and are asked to contribute £5 per head. If you're keen on attending multiple events, you might consider joining the society for an annual fee of £25.

For any further questions, feel free to contact Norman Bricknell at 01989 768320 or via email at [email protected].