A LOCAL and influential voice on waste management, Sandra Brown, has won a cash prize for picking up litter for the second time and is set to donate her winnings. 

Sandra, a Ross-on-Wye resident has previously won £1000 and a one-year family National Trust membership through the LitterLotto - and has now won another £100. 

LitterLotto encourages users to snap a picture of the litter they collect, offering them a chance to win prizes.  

“Each time you submit a new piece of litter, it’s another chance to win,” the app states, which is free to enter and supported by brands advocating for a cleaner environment.  

Sandra is a dedicated member of the Ross Community Litter Clean-up Crew and works to ensure that the town's streets remain as litter free as possible.  

On her litter picking walks Sandra would often be joined by her dog Paddy who recently passed away. Paddy loved his litter picking adventures with Sandra and acted as her co-pilot in their mission to make Ross a cleaner place. 

As a tribute to her furry friend, Sandra has pledged to donate her most recent winnings to ‘At The Hub' to ensure Paddy’s legacy is one that fosters community spirit. 

Sandra and Paddy’s work and subsequent financial rewards may inspire more Ross locals to get out and start litter picking.