This picture was taken of Ross Fire Brigade in their dress uniform, in what is thought to be the early twentieth century, but the date is unknown.

The picture was taken by Messrs Bustin, who were art photographers in Ross-on-Wye. Messrs Bustin was established in 1858 by R. Britton Bustin, the Late Head Master of the Hereford School of Art.

The original site of the local Victorian fire station was the Phoenix Theatre in Ross-on-Wye, situated next to the Royal Hotel - where horses could be stabled.

Previously the horses were kept on the riverside and quite often in the time it took to catch them, the fire would either be too out of control, or completely out.

The local theatre company, the Phoenix Theatre, moved there in the late 1970s.

Until the turn of the twentieth century, the fire brigade and ladders were kept in the Market House, where the fire bell was situated.

The first person to ring the bell was given one shilling, but anyone who did it when there was no fire would be fined five shillings.

The hole for the bell rope can still be seen under the archways. Market stalls were also stored there for anyone who wished to use them.

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