Ross for Refugees are set for Calais to provide aid to the refugees in the camp in Northern France.

The group have a full van load which will be heading to a UK?drop point on Sunday, October 4th. The van is a heavy goods vehicle for transporting large loads.

The UK?drop-off point will meet up with the organisation ‘Calaid’ who will take the donations to refugee camps all over Europe. The shipment from ‘Calaid’ will be far bigger and help to distribute it around Europe.

The Ross for Refugees group will be reopening for donations on Monday, October, 5th at the Ryefield Centre and at the Globetrotter Café, in Ross-on-Wye town centre, the next day.

The group is hoping to take at least two more shipments of aid over to Calais and other camps across Europe.

Gemma Jones told the Ross Gazette: “We’ve booked our tickets to go to Calais.

“I am very eager to get to work, as well as feeling apprehensive about what we will see.”

Gemma will be going with members of Ross for Refugees on Saturday October 24th and will meet up with members of a volunteer group there.

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