Ross-on-Wye recorded the highest temperature in the West Midlands, reaching a scorching 29.7C on September 4. A health warning has been issued, cautioning vulnerable individuals as temperatures could exceed 30C in the coming days.

The health security agency, dedicated to alerts for the health and social care sector, has sounded the alarm until September 10. Their warning for the West Midlands highlights the probable minor impacts, including a potential surge in healthcare services usage by the vulnerable population and an increased mortality risk. However, they have clarified that they don't anticipate a widespread impact.

Mark Sidaway from the Met Office shed light on the current weather patterns, stating, "High pressure is ushering in more settled conditions, causing temperatures to climb through the first half of this week." He added that while the south is expected to bear the brunt of the heat, heatwave conditions are predicted across a significant portion of England and Wales, bringing with them unseasonably high temperatures.

Attributing the current heatwave to larger global patterns, Sidaway explained, "An active tropical cyclone season in the Atlantic is amplifying the current pattern, pushing the jet stream well north of the UK. As a result, the UK might continue to experience higher than average temperatures throughout the weekend and possibly even into the early days of next week."

As Ross-on-Wye basks in the warmest weather, the entirety of Herefordshire now officially falls under the heatwave criteria. Residents are advised to take necessary precautions, especially those in vulnerable categories.