A Ross-on-Wye dog is being treated by a local veterinary practice for a suspected case of Alabama Rot. Numerous other cases around the area have also been mentioned on social media, including Newent and Mitcheldean.

Alabama Rot is a disease that causes damage to a dog’s blood vessels and the kidney. It is a mysterious disease which is hard to identify and sadly, very difficult to treat.

Chaseview Veterinary Clinic in Ross-on-Wye has provided some information online for dog owners and said: "We would urge you to remember that although this is a dangerous and serious condition, the numbers of true cases diagnosed are still very low and the vast majority of skin lesions will not be Alabama Rot. We continue to advise that you wash dogs off following walks, particularly after walking through wet and muddy areas e.g. through woodlands/near lakes etc. The locations mentioned on social media of where the dogs have walked are the river meadows in ross-on-Wye, Mitcheldean, Newent and May Hill.

Please contact your local veterinary surgery for further questions or concerns regarding Alabama Rot.