Ross-on-Wye and its surrounding areas have been featured in The Official Magazine of Britain. In an article called ‘Romance of the River Wye’ a view of Ross from the Wye is used to illustrate what they describe as ‘the beautifully tranquil Wye Valley’ .

River trips on the Wye starting in Ross nearly 250 years ago have long been recognised as the beginning of tourism in this country.

The magazine article includes a great deal of information about the Wye Valley, including the Wye Tours which started the influx of visitors to the area.

The article recalls that commercial traffic on the river that inspired Dr John Egerton, Rector of St Mary’s Church in Ross-on-Wye, to design his own boat in 1745 which he used to take friends on tours to enjoy the wonders of the Wye. The idea caught on and by 1808 eight boats took sightseers along the river, boarding at Ross – dubbed ‘the Gateway to the Wye Valley’ – Monmouth and Chepstow.

One such sightseer in 1770 was the Reverend William Gilpin, whose experiences were published in 1782. “If you have never navigated the Wye”, Gilpin enthused, “you have seen nothing.”

His work was a resounding success, encouraging Victorians in their droves to take the Wye Tour. The article about the Wye valley and the places to see can be found at

As well as Ross, Goodrich is given a mention. The article reads: “Another castle not be missed is at Goodrich, on the Wye near Ross, overlooking the rich red soil of Herefordshire.

“It has a fascinating history stretching back 1,000 years, with a cast including the English landowner Godric, who gave the castle his name.”