A Ross-on-Wye mosaic artist is the latest addition to Made in Ross’s line-up.

Catherine van Giap has been creating works of art in the medium of mosaic for 18 years, and those years of experience are now on display for visitors and residents of Ross to see at Market Hall in the town centre.

Catherine has a studio on New Street, where she’s started running workshops, and plans to open it as a showcase and selling space, likely to be open by appointment.

I’m liking Ross very much, people here have made me feel very welcome.

Catherine van Giap

She moved to the Isle of Wight in 2004 where she then picked up the medium; Catherine used to paint previously before that. She attended a mosaic workshop where she picked up the basics and it went from there; she started teaching 12 years ago, which she built up over the years to two full days a week. She plans to develop her studio to the same pace in Ross, since she has only lived in the town since July.

She told the Gazette: “I’m liking Ross very much, people here have made me feel very welcome and there’s a really nice artist community here, which I’m gradually getting involved in.”

There are two hemispheres to Catherine’s art. The first is the more decorative part, which uses stained glass and vintage china which is incorporated into her work. The second is a way to reintroduce her painting back into her art, since she picked up the brush again in the past few years; she’ll paint an image and then choose either part or all of the picture to recreate in the medium of mosaic offering up dual media of a single image, selling the two together or hanging them side-by-side.

Catherine is opening up her studio every Saturday in October for taster workshops, anyone interested in learning more can get their start. People can contact Catherine on 07748121097 or at [email protected].