Ross and District Branch of the Royal British Legion embarked on a mission to improve the lives of wounded and injured service personnel.

On Thursday, March 23, the group travelled by minibus to the Battle Back Centre (BBC) near Lilleshall, Shropshire. Their goal was to present the centre with an adaptive eTrike designed to aid in the rehabilitation of veterans. The eTrike, generously funded by a local benefactor who continues to provide extraordinary support to the branch and the Royal British Legion as a whole, stands as a symbol of gratitude and dedication to those who have served their country.

The Ross and District Branch members were joined on their visit by County MEO, Mr Andy Smith, as they proudly delivered the eTrike to the BBC. This isn’t the first time the branch has shown its unwavering support for the centre; in 2015, they presented an adaptive tandem bicycle, which they were delighted to see in use during their visit.

Upon arrival at the BBC, the group was warmly welcomed by the centre’s Recovery Operations Manager, Mr. Chris Joynson, who also hosted them during their 2015 visit. Joynson provided an engaging and comprehensive insight into the vital work conducted at the facility. Since opening its doors in November 2011, the BBC has hosted over 6,500 beneficiaries, focusing on confidence building and self-empowerment for all attendees. Joynson highlighted that, for veterans, the key component of their experience is the sense of comradeship.

The BBC, established by the Royal British Legion in 2011, was initially created to support wounded and injured service personnel returning from Iraq and Afghanistan. The centre’s mission is to ensure the best possible recovery for the Armed Forces community, whether that involves returning to duty or successfully transitioning to civilian life. In recent years, the BBC has expanded its services to include wellbeing courses for veterans, in addition to continuing support for wounded, injured, and sick service personnel.

The adaptive eTrike and tandem bicycle presented by the Ross and District Branch play an integral role in the rehabilitation process for attendees of the BBC’s courses. These adaptive cycles have proven to be extremely popular and effective, providing both physical benefits and a sense of accomplishment for those who use them. The eTrike is a welcome addition to the centre’s collection of equipment, offering veterans an innovative and enjoyable way to participate in physical activities during their recovery journey.

The generosity of the local benefactor and the unwavering support of the Ross and District Branch of the Royal British Legion demonstrate the community’s deep-rooted commitment to honouring and assisting those who have served their country. The presentation of the adaptive eTrike is not only a testament to the branch’s dedication but also a shining example of how the broader community can come together to make a difference in the lives of veterans.

As the Battle Back Centre continues its vital work in supporting the rehabilitation of wounded, injured, and sick service personnel, the Ross and District Branch will play an essential role in helping veterans maintain independence.