The Ross Community Litter Clean Up Crew (RCLCUC) kicked off the Great British Spring Clean with a litter pick of the Skate Park by the student council of Ashfield Park Primary School. The students collected six bags of litter and will shortly be holding an assembly for the whole school about the problems caused by litter in the environment.

RCLCUC is keeping a record of the amount of bags and the total weight of rubbish the group collects during the Spring Clean. They are both proud of their volunteers, but also saddened by the fact that, thanks to the litter pick on Sunday, March 23rd, by Baileys and Labels roundabout, they have cleared two tons of litter from the roads, hedges and greenspaces of Ross since March 2018.

Wendy Salter told the Ross Gazette: “There are some amazing people in Ross, who care about their town and the environment.”

The purple bags which show that the litter was collected by volunteers can be used by individuals who can then leave full ones at the various drop off points, or call 01432 261800, the number on the bag, to arrange collection.