Ross and District Royal British Legion is taking an innovative approach to attract more members and engage the local community by launching a series of engaging talks, beginning in April 2023. These talks will follow every other committee meeting and will cover a wide range of topics, aiming to pique the interest of current and potential members.

The first talk, scheduled for Wednesday, April 19th, promises to be an exciting account of a cross-country motorbike journey through India. Attendees can expect riveting tales of adventure and daring exploits. To accommodate this 40-minute talk, the meeting will begin at 7.00pm, half an hour earlier than usual.

Following the inaugural event, the Ross and District Royal British Legion is actively seeking members and non-members alike to volunteer as speakers for subsequent sessions. The subject matter for these talks is open to the speaker’s discretion, encompassing anything from personal experiences within the RBL, career stories, hobbies, sports, holidays or trips, or any topic that would captivate and entertain the audience. While visual aids like PowerPoint are not required, they may be used if the speaker wishes.

This fresh initiative by the Ross and District Royal British Legion aims to foster a sense of community and belonging among its members while also providing a platform for them to share their unique experiences and insights. By offering an array of engaging talks, the Legion hopes to appeal to a broader audience.

Those interested in participating as a speaker are encouraged to contact the Legion’s Secretary at [email protected] or reach out to the Chairman.