Ross Community Litter Clean up Crew (RCLCUC) celebrates a successful month of litter picking with an impressive 54 bags of litter collected from the highways and byways of Ross-on-Wye.

Kay Jones announced the news, stating that it is just the bags they know about and they have probably collected much more. She encouraged others to help gather more accurate figures by emailing their litter picks to [email protected] or posting them on the community litter picking page.

The achievement was met with praise from members of the community, including John Gibbons, who expressed his admiration for the unseen work the group does, and Caroline Bennett, who thanked the group for keeping the community tidy. Sandra Brown also congratulated everyone involved.

Kay Jones added that there are many community litter pickers who work hard to keep Ross looking clean, and that they couldn’t manage it without everyone’s help. She also pointed out the terrible littering problem that exists beyond Ross, spoiling the landscape. The Ross Community Litter Clean up Crew continues to work hard to combat litter in the town and surrounding areas.

Last week the Gazette reported that the town is not likely to see a litter enforcement officer, hired by the town council, any time soon despite the council making moves towards it.