According to the latest study by gaming site AskGamblers, Europe is hooked on social media, and one country is leading the pack. The study analysed the usage data of Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger to determine which European countries had the highest share of users in comparison to their population. Cyprus takes the crown with a stunning score of 98.14 out of 100 for social media usage!

Iceland comes in a close second, with 92.6 per cent of its population on Facebook and 60.2 per cent on Instagram. The country also boasts a 70.3 per cent usage rate for Messenger, solidifying its status as the European country most reliant on social media.

The UK may have missed the top spot, coming in at 11th place with a score of 76.01 out of 100 for social media usage. But, with a whopping 76.2 per cent of its population on Facebook, 45.6 per cent on Instagram, and 52.2 per cent on Messenger, it's clear that the UK is still very much in love with social media.