Madam, With so many age related problems to face in our communities, may I bring to the notice of your readers the particular problem of Age Related Macular Disease (ARMD).

One of the aims of the Macular Disease Society (of which I am a member) is to encourage the forming of support groups for those who suffer from Macular Disease.

This disease leads to severe loss of sight and blindness. Support groups are there to help sufferers as they inevitably lose their independence.

A support group is in the process of being set up in Monmouth. A first meeting took place on Monday, March 15th. The group will meet once a month, on the third Wednesday to share experiences, pass on hints and tips and invite guest speakers to talk on a variety of subjects concerned with MD and its impact on our daily lives.

The meetings are also social occasions where we can chat together over a cup of tea.

The purpose of this letter is to encourage sufferers and their helpers to come to the meetings.

The next meeting will be on Wednesday, April 21st, from 1.30pm to 3.30pm, at Bridges Community Centre, Drybridge Park, Monmouth.

Mr C Mantle, Ross