VOLUNTEERS have been mobilised in a campaign to measure light pollution in the Walford parish.

Twelve enthusiastic residents have been taking sky quality meter readings for the Kerne Bridge Dark Skies Project.

The green telescopes in the photograph show where there is slight natural light pollution and the amber telescopes reveal areas with moderate man-made light pollution.

It is the first time light pollution has been measured in this way, and on this scale in Herefordshire.

These readings provide a simple benchmark for the presence of dark skies and areas of higher levels of light polution.

“It’s a fantastic start to the project”, says project leader and Herefordshire county councillor for Kerne Bridge Yolande Watson.

She added: “Having taken readings across the parish of Walford, we are now moving on to the parish of Goodrich and Welsh Bicknor – recruiting local volunteers to take sky quality meter readings in their neighbourhoods.”

Volunteers will be provided with sky quality meters, training, and guidance on how to use the meters and entering data into a phone app on their mobile phone as well as receive support and mentorship.

“I can’t thank the volunteers in Walford enough. Because this project has never being done before, it has taken a real team effort to get to this stage.

“We have been testing and trialling the equipment since May, writing ‘how to guides’ and learning how to present the data in a way that is easy to understand,” she added.

“Even though the project is moving into another parish, volunteers in Walford aren’t resting.

They are still engaged in the project—mentoring new recruits, writing a project leaflet and exploring how the village of Walford could become a “Dark Skies Community”.

Residents in Goodrich and Welsh Bicknor who want to volunteer for the project, can contact Yolande [email protected].

More information on the Kerne Bridge Dark Skies Project can be found at wyevalleysociety.org.uk/events.php as well as further information and resources on dark skies: darksky.org.