Dronemaster Productions has released the first part of their film celebrating the anniversary of the Wye Tour, which started 250 years ago.

The company, which is based in Ross-on-Wye has used drones to follow the River Wye from the gateway to the Wye Valley at Ross reflecting the autumn colours of the Wye Valley through Ross-on-Wye, Goodrich and Symonds Yat.

Next year it is the 250th anniversary of William Gilpin taking the Wye Tour in 1770 - a significant event as it heralded the birth of British tourism. Gilpin was a pioneer in the appreciation of landscape in Britain and his ideas led, much later, to the designation of protected landscapes, including Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty (and National Parks) of which the Wye Valley is one.

In the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries it was fashionable to take a boat tour down the Wye Valley, to view its romantic sites and picturesque landscape. A rector from Ross-on-Wye, Dr John Egerton, was the first to build a boat especially to take his guests on excursions down the Wye. ‘Tourists’ dined at specific locations, took walks to particular viewpoints and visited specific romantic ruins, making the ‘Wye Tour’ one of the first package holidays.

Visit https://gilpin2020.org/schools-project/ for more information

The Ross Gazette is planning to share this special anniversary celebration throughout 2020 and would love to hear from anyone planning any special events of their own. Email [email protected] with the details of any events you have planned.