Sun and smiles on bank holiday Friday celebrations

By Chris Were   |   Reporter   |
Friday 10th June 2022 6:00 am
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Over a dozen street parties were put on over the bank holiday weekend, delighting residents with games, party food, music, and activities.

Mayor of Ross, Ed O’Driscoll embarked on a jubilee crawl, visiting 16 of the events put on by town residents, many of which were assisted by their £100 grant from the town council to help pay for the celebrations.

He said: “It was fabulous to see the community coming together to enjoy and mark such an important occasion. Hats off to everyone who worked so hard to make the weekend such a terrific success.”

One of the town’s most vibrant parties took place on the Friday bank holiday (June 3) at the Waterside and was organised by Ross resident Margaret Gabb.

She was delighted by her community, who came together to organise and enjoy the event. Initially she had expected around 80 people to attend, but with sunny weather and a vibrant community spirit on the street, over 100 people came out to join in the celebrations.

Tim Hoddell performed music for the event with Nigel singing. A poem was read out by Brian Jackson, which he had written to the Queen for the diamond jubilee, which had been acknowledged by the Queen.

Prizes were awarded throughout the day. A drill donated by Bradfords Building Suppliers was particularly sought after. Gift vouchers and wine were also awarded.

Lines were drawn out on the grass for the three-legged race, as well as other kinds of racing.

A mother goat with three little kids were brought along to the party. Delighted children were invited to bottle feed them at 4 o’clock—when it was their feeding time.

Preparations for the event started around midday with the party kicking off at 2pm, finishing at 6pm. Ten long tables were put out and decorated before plates and serviettes were laid down.

On the menu were: sandwiches, sausage rolls, cocktail sausages, coronation chicken, mini-pasties, pizzas, cheese and pineapple, quiches, crisps, brownies, strawberries and cream, scones, all different sorts of cakes—all sourced from residents on the street.

Margaret Gabb told the Gazette: “It brought the community together. We introduced ourselves as neighbours. We’ve now all got a WhatsApp group, so we can continue to communicate with each other, is there’s anything they’d like to say, for example if anyone’s lost something, or if there’s something happening by their house, they can let other people know about it.” She added: “Everybody was quite happy and pleased with it all.”

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