West Mercia Police, responsible for law enforcement in Ross-on-Wye amongst other areas, is giving itself a pat on the back.

They claim that a staggering 94 per cent of the public have expressed their support for the local constabulary, as revealed by a recently conducted perceptions survey by Police and Crime Commissioner John Campion.

Their findings show that nine out of every 10 participants in the survey back the work that West Mercia Police is doing within their localities. They also claim that confidence amongst Herefordshire residents in the police force remains high, with 79 per cent of those surveyed, including victims of crime, expressing confidence in receiving a good service from the constabulary.

In another finding, 88 per cent of the respondents from Herefordshire don't perceive crime and anti-social behaviour to be local issues of concern. Commissioner Campion has been in close collaboration with West Mercia Police and partners, investing in proactive initiatives such as upgrading and installing new CCTV cameras, with the objective of curbing crime and anti-social behaviour.

Further insights from the Herefordshire survey indicate that 71 per cent of the respondents believe that West Mercia Police have a comprehensive understanding of local issues. Another 88 per cent expressed confidence in their ability to reach the police during emergencies. Additionally 58 per cent of those surveyed, feel that the police are doing an excellent or good job.

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