Madam, I read with disappointment that Tesco are to withdraw their application for a Petrol Station with the application for the supermarket.

I live 6 miles from Ross and usually come into town at least twice per week to either shop, take the dog for a run by the river, have a coffee or generally having a stroll.

I used to refuel my van or my wife's car in Morrisons until the last fuel price drop.... which never happened in Ross.

I travel to Usk most days of the week and the High Noon services on the A40 at Whitchurch the cost of diesel was 135.9p per litre. Last week it came down to 132.9p per litre. Today's (Thurs) price at Morrisons is 137.9p and is the same price at Wilton Garage

As I said it is 6 miles to Ross from home and it is 6.5 miles to Whitchurch so it is obvious where I will buy my fuel.

If Tesco are successful with the application for a store in Ross and they had opened a petrol station it would put pressure on the two other fuel suppliers in town to reduce prices. As it stands they hold the monopoly on what to charge.

I will still come to Ross because my dog loves to splash around in the mud where the flood waters have receded, and then go for a coffee in town.

Michael Cordell, Ruardean