Anyone who uses mental health services, and their carers, are welcome to a new regular social meeting in a Ross café.

Paula Thomas, who suffers from two painful health conditions, has also faced mental health issues herself, but she is determined to help others. She told the Ross Gazette that she has considered standing for Town Council as she would like to work for the town, but feels her own health may limit her ability to achieve what she wants.

This is why she has decided to focus on the coffee evenings. She has a lot of support so they will still be able to take place even if she doesn’t feel up to attending.

The coffee evenings will be called Rethought and will be held at Cafe Eazz in Croft Court, Ross-on-Wye between 4.30pm and 6pm. The first evening will take place on Monday, January 30th.

Owner Jenny Cavender shuts the café at 4pm on Mondays but has agreed to re-open for Rethought. Tea and coffee will be available through the café but Paula will be supplying cakes for a donation. Any money raised will be given to Rethink, a mental health charity.

Paula told the Ross Gazette:?“I want to hold this every week so that people know it is always there however anyone can turn up at any time."

There will be leaflets available with information which may be useful and the café is also one of the designated Safe Spaces around the town. Paula thinks that Rethought will start in a small way at first but she sees great possibilities.

She said:?“I would like to think that we will make connections with the local community and perhaps other social events may develop from this coffee evening, meals out together with others in a similar situation may be one idea."