Traffic has come to a complete standstill on the A40 between Ross-on-Wye and Monmouth, heading in the southbound direction.

The heavy traffic is the result of two separate crashes along the A40 just over the border, in Wales.

The A40 is closed in both directions at Mitchel Troy, between Monmouth and Raglan. There have been tail backs for many miles at either side of the closures.

On the southbound road, firefighters are cutting two people free from their vehicles, after a crash between two lorries.

On the northbound side of the road, a car crashed into a barrier on the hard shoulder.

The lorry crash happened this morning (Friday, November 6th) at around 5.50am. The northbound A449 has also been closed as a result of this.

The second crash subsequently happened directly opposite the first and the eastbound road was closed at about 7.15am.

There are currently four fire crews, police and the ambulance service at the scene.