Ross-on-Wye’s dancer-turned-boxer Liam O’Hare is getting back into the ring following his fifth win, and currently undefeated.

Not only will he be lacing up the gloves preparing for a hopeful win, but Liam will be donating 25 per cent of his ticket sales commission to a local charity which supports veterans.

Tickets are now on sale for Fight Town: Prospects, which is taking place at GL1 Leisure Centre, Gloucester on March 10.

Liam’s been posting his training highlights to social media, as well as the occasional pirouette.

The Gazette reported September last year on the super-welterweight’s victory, adding to his undefeated streak.

The six-round fight against Romanian fighter Octavian Gratii went down to a judges decision at the Meca Regent Circus in Swindon.

During that fight Liam lost his first ever round in professional boxing (round 4), but still claimed a decisive victory over his opponent; with the score at the end 60–55 in his favour.

The victory, his fifth straight win provided a healthy boost to Liam’s career.

Liam’s donating 25 per cent of his ticket sales commission to the FirstLight Trust. The charity helps veterans get back on their feet.

They work out what needs doing and how, using existing services if possible, or by funding alternatives. They can be found online at