Vaga Probus Club in Ross on Wye recently held its Annual General Meeting, followed by a special tribute to one of its long-standing and oldest members, Leslie James Smith, known affectionately as Les. A member since 1996 and a past president in 2004, Les captivated his fellow club members with a detailed account of his life, spiced with humour and insight.

Narration was provided by two fellow members, but Les himself added extra details that kept the audience engaged. His life journey took him from the hardships of World War II to becoming a highly qualified chemist, whose expertise was sought by major organisations globally. Les is also a respected published author.

After retiring in 1987, Les moved to Ross on Wye and immersed himself in various community roles. His active involvement includes serving as Secretary and Chairman of the Herefordshire Botanical Society, Committee Member of Ross branch of Herefordshire Nature Trust, and Trustee of HNT Conservation Advisory Group. He's also been a member of groups ranging from Ross Music Society to Tintern Philosophy Circle.

"The members showed their appreciation to Les for sharing his incredible life story with them," said the club's statement.

Vaga Probus Club, a men's group that meets twice a month, welcomes visitors and potential speakers. To get involved, people can contact the Secretary at [email protected]. More information is available on their website.