Vegetation spill at water station

By Chris Were   |   Reporter   |
Thursday 23rd June 2022 6:00 am
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Complaints have been levelled at Welsh Water for allowing their station, near the Ross-on-Wye Morrisons roundabout, to become overgrown.

Mr Smith got in touch with the Gazette after several attempts to get Welsh Water to address his complaint. Whilst he phoned them a number of times, leaving messages with staff members, his enquiries were never returned. He’s taken the matter to his local councillor Paul Symonds.

Previously the area around the station was maintained, with staff attending to it about once a month, but he has not seen any maintenance done at all this year. Mr Smith opened his complaints after he noticed the tree overgrowing onto the pavement.

A particular area of concern was surrounding the brook which ran through the station grounds. Mr Smith said that vegetation has nearly covered the stream which has the potential to caused problems, disrupting or blocking the stream if it’ ignored.

Failing to get through to Welsh Water, Mr Smith raised the issue with his county councillor Paul Symonds.

Cllr Symonds told the Gazette that this had been an ongoing problem. Welsh Water were successfully convinced last year to clear up the overgrowth but have not responded to recent calls for a clear up.

He added: “I’ve asked the Balfour Beatty locality steward to get on to them. He can only require them to cut back the vegetation which is obstructing the pavement but I’ve asked if he can persuade them to tidy the whole site.”

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