St Mary's Church in Linton is hosting an open afternoon on Sunday, August 13, inviting the public to explore the historically rich building and learn about its past. The event, which was announced by the Churchwarden, Charlotte Newton, promises an educational and delightful afternoon steeped in history and conviviality.

Dating back to the Saxon period, St Mary's Church has been a site of worship and celebration for centuries. Evidence of its Norman and Saxon heritage still exists in its architecture, serving as a testament to the remarkable journey of the building. On the August 13, from 3 to 5.30pm, visitors will get an opportunity to delve into the intriguing stories, characters, and treasures from its past.

The open afternoon will feature an enlightening talk by a local expert and an exclusive display titled 'Weddings at Linton,' giving guests a glimpse into the church's history in hosting nuptial ceremonies. Guests can also expect to enjoy the traditional British pastime of tea and cake, adding a comforting touch to the event.

The afternoon will conclude with a short service of thanksgiving, providing a moment to reflect on the storied history of St Mary's Church. This event offers a unique opportunity for the community and visitors alike to engage with the rich history of Linton and its enduring place of worship.