Dear Editor,

The Walford and Goodrich District, which includes Bishopswood, Marstow and Glewstone, raised over £3100, for the Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal, an increase of nearly 15% over last year.

David Taylor, District Organiser, would like to thank all the collectors, and especially the Primary Schools, who successfully raised this sum towards providing help for Service men and women, and their dependents when needed.

Results of the House to House Collections – Mr and Mrs Lovett £333.26, Mrs Edmonds £119.27, Mr Thomas £212.64, Mr Gutteridge £49.35, Mr and Mrs Pope £203.63, Mr Ray £84.36, Mrs Heaven £89.06, Mr Shilton £43.90, Mr Fountain £481.09, Mr and Mrs Cripwell £131.06, Mr Cliffe £214.22, Mr Barnston £78.19, Mr Bloxham £25.42.

Results from the unmanned points – Goodrich Village Shop £33.31, Saracens Head £85.77, Royal Lodge £32.48, Rehau £30.05, Goodrich Castle £11.00, VW Garage £20.99, Hostelrie £22.86, Cross Keys £0.88, Millrace £11.20, Glewstone Court £16.03, Hazlehurst £20.69, Inn on the Wye £100.38, Pencraig Diner £27.11, Motor Caravans £7.40, Goodrich Church £82.53, Goodrich School £159.24, Walford School £318.58.

David Taylor,