On 14 November, the members of Vaga Probus Club, with their partners, met at Ross on Wye Golf Club for a talk by Wendy Reynolds inspired by the 17 years she spent in the Falkland Islands.

For many, the only knowledge of these islands are memories of the conflict in 1982, but life has moved a long way on since then.

Living on sheep farms in remote places on the West Island while working as a travelling teacher gave her the opportunity to understand the rigours of living and working in such isolation. Wendy told us of a 16000-acre farm with 6000 sheep which suffered a lightning strike leading to a major fire in the peat, tackled for three months by the lady owner with minimal outside help.

As a teacher with only one or two pupils at each farm she had to be resourceful and inventive to deliver a wide curriculum. She found her seven years teaching there always rewarding and enjoyable. Moving from farm to farm every fortnight presented new challenges which added to the spice of life.

The added extra was living amongst the wonderful wildlife. Wendy showcased in photos the rich flora and fauna with five varieties of Penguin taking centre stage. This of course provides tourists who are lucky enough to visit these Islands at the bottom of the world with a unique experience. For her it was a daily pleasure. Her last ten years after retirement enabled her to contribute to community life in Stanley and travel extensively around the Islands.

Vaga was pleased to have Ross Golf Club’s restaurant and bar facilities at their disposal for this occasion. This enabled 50 members and guests to enjoy lunch after Wendy’s presentation thanks to the valued services of the Golf Club’s catering team headed by Inger Tweedy and Rebecca Boucher and respective teams.

Vaga Probus is a men’s group that meets twice a month in Ross. Visitors are very welcome. If you have an interest in visiting or indeed have a talk you would like to deliver, please contact the Secretary on [email protected]. Further details are on the website at www.vaga-probus-ross.org.uk