Westbank Care Home hosted a Teddy Bears Picnic on Friday, January 19, inviting children from Abacus Nursery School.

The picnic was held in honour of Winnie the Pooh National Day, a day to dedicated to celebrating the author’s birthday, A.A. Milne. 

In preparation for the picnic, the residents at Westbank had a teddy bear workshop where they crafted bears for the children. 

Throughout the day, the children and residents sang nursery rhymes and listened to a story read by one of the residents, Alice.

The residents discussed their own bears, sharing stories about how long they had owned them and their favourite memories. 

The afternoon concluded with the picnic, where everyone enjoyed homemade cakes and drinks. 

The Teddy Bears Picnic is part of Westbank’s Intergeneration Programme, which focuses on bringing together residents at the care home and young children. 

The Intergeneration is said to offer great benefits for all involved, including building confidence, developing listening skills, understanding respect and reducing feelings of isolation and disconnection.