Ross Parishes continues to foster a sense of community and spiritual nourishment with a diverse range of events and activities scheduled for the upcoming week. From virtual prayers to physical gatherings, there’s something for everyone seeking solace and connection.

On Wednesday April 3:

11:15am: Kickstart your day with Ponder and Pray by Zoom. Contact [email protected] to join in. 

1pm until 2pm: At St Mary’s is the Lunchtime Concert, Chase Baroque.

1:45pm until 4pm: Engage in Mother’s Union at St Mary’s Hall.

On Thursday April 4:

10:00am: Attend the Eucharist at Markye Chapel, St. Mary’s, to partake in a solemn communion.

11:45am: Connect with the St. Mary’s Thursday Prayer group via Zoom. Visit for participation details.

On Friday April 5:

6:30pm: The Youth Choir group will be practising

7pm until 8pm: The Choir Practise is taking place. 

On Saturday April 6:

Between 10:30am and 12pm: The Coffee and Sgwrs taking place at St Mary’s. 

On Sunday, April 7:

8am: The Holy Communion, also at St Mary’s.

At 9:30am is the All Age Sung Eucharist at St Mary’s- Rector’s final service.

Tuesday, April 9:

9:00-11:00am: The Indulge in Tea & Toast and browse the Community Larder at St. Mary’s Hall—a welcoming space for nourishment and fellowship.

Ross Parishes invites all members of the community to partake in these enriching experiences, fostering connections and nurturing the spirit. Join in, and be uplifted by the collective embrace of faith and fellowship. For more information, go to the website: