Whitchurch pupils receive letter of thanks from Sir Attenborough


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The teachers and pupils at Whitchurch Primary School were very excited to receive a letter from Sir David Attenborough on Monday, April 29th.

As part of their topic about how to help save and protect the world, the school sent Sir David a letter detailing all of the things they had done collectively as a school, and also as individuals. Amazed at their dedication to nature, Sir David wrote back to thank the children for showing him what they had achieved as they explored the wonderful world.

The children organised a pass it on sale where they collected things they no longer needed or wanted from home, and then had a charity sale. This raised over £250, and all of the proceeds were donated to the WWF. Over half of Cedar Class have adopted an animal from the WWF.

All of the children learnt about the effect of single use plastics and the importance of caring for the environment, and they all took part in litter picking.

Each pupil spent the month dedicating their time at home to different projects to help save the world. One child collected 112 items for the local food bank, while another made posters about the importance of recycling and not littering, and put them up around Whitchurch.

Some have made bird feeders and learnt about the best plans for wildlife, and one pupil even organised a beach clean with her family.

It was amazing to see photos from one child sat around a camp fire with his family as they took part in Earth Hour; a one-hour event where as many people as possible switching off all electrical items and stopping their effects, like light pollution, for a peaceful period.

It was amazing to see their efforts documented in books they made detailing everything they organised throughout the month. They expressed their love and gratitude for wildlife to the Ross Gazette, and pledged to keep up the vital work.See this week’s paper for more stories like this, available in shops and as a Digital Edition now.


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